Is the boat wheelchair accessible?

We do not promote our service as being “barrier free” or “accessible”. Unfortunately too many companies take great liberties with such wording (e.g. vessel washrooms are not accessible, stairs / door sills hinder independent accesses, etc.).  Gatherall’s tours are open to persons on board with mobility issues and physical limitations (e.g. persons requiring the use of canes, walkers, wheelchairs / etc.). Parking is available dockside and the access to the vessel berth is by way of a ramp.  

For the safety of our guests we do not permit the use of scooters / motorized wheelchairs on board.  Wheeled platforms are not sufficiently stable while on a moving platform.  Scooters / motorized wheelchairs can be used from the parking lot through to the vessel boarding gate.  Manual wheelchairs are available on site to accommodate our guests who require assistance boarding.

 The crew are quite aware of persons on board who may have mobility issues / limitations and as such will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the vessel is positioned in such a manner throughout the voyage as to provide all passengers with an opportunity to view the sights and wildlife encountered. We have numerous guests with mobility issues who visit each season.  Our staff and crew are there to assist all guests as required and take great effort to ensure that all persons are treated with respect and dignity – help and assistance is always available if warranted and or requested.

Please note that our shuttle van is not wheelchair accessible.  GO Bus provides accessible transportation (chair lift capability) throughout St. John’s and area while several cab service providers offer accessible vans (City Wide Taxi / Jiffy Cabs).