Are whales guaranteed?

We do not guarantee whales.  We cannot conjure or wish whales into existence at any time but we will do our very best to spot them.  Please remember that these are wild animals living in their natural habitat who’s movements and life rhythms do not revolve around our schedule or desire to observe them.  General seasonal guidance is provided based on close to 40 years of offering our tours to the public and a long history as a fishing family.

Time of the year makes a big difference to chances of sightings and encounters.  You are recommended to visit during the peak feeding season. Local whale sightings and encounters typically peak during mid-June through to mid-August. Whales may arrive mid-May and sometimes stay through September.

All local boats communicate to ensure that our guests have the best chances to encounter whales.

 Please remember that sightings outside of the peak season are a bonus!