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Puffin & Whale Watch Tickets


Please note that 2022 has been an early season for wildlife so sightings may vary from the typical seasonal guidance noted for the remainder of the 2022 season. 
Scenic Coastal Tour will now commence on September 01 for our 2022 season.   

Simply choose your preferred travel date and time and fill in your info – its really that easy!  

Only available cruises are listed so you you can also check availability.  If you’re not sure what to do please click on the help topics for assistance.  If you experience any difficulty please contact our helpful staff toll free (Canada / US) at 1-800-419-4253 or locally at (709) 334-2887  and we will be happy to help!  

Not sure of your travel plans – be sure to check back on the booking page as from time to time tours may be added or sold out.

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