Screech In

Screech – In’s

Gatherall’s Screech In Ceremony

Become an honorary Newfoundlander while on your tour with Gatherall’s! What better way to finish off your tour than learning how to walk, talk, and drink like a Newfoundlander?

Join us in a bit of fun to take part in one of Newfoundland’s oldest traditions. Open to any CFA (Come from Away-er) with the desire to be a true Newfoundlander!

How It All Started…

Screech Rum dates back to the 18th century when Newfoundland was a key trading port in the salt fish trade market. It is believed that Jamaican sailors often traded a dark local rum in return for some Newfoundland salt fish. 

Newfoundland folklore often tells that Screech Rum gained its name from WWII American servicemen stationed in Newfoundland. It is said that when these men tasted the Jamaican rum, they let out a loud screeching noise to be heard from miles away. Hence the name Screech Rum.

Screech Rum has since become a symbol of hospitality and camaraderie among Newfoundlanders. Non-Newfoundlanders are often welcomed to the province by taking part in traditional Screech-In ceremonies. These often involve some Newfoundland sayings and a shot of the traditional Screech Rum!

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What’s Included?

Gatherall’s Screech-Ins are performed on our boat during your tour. Our crew are the best officiators around and will guide you in becoming an honorary Newfoundlander. 

Our spin on this age-old tradition, comes with a personalized certificate, custom shot glass and a sample of authentic Newfoundland Screech Rum

How Do I Get Screeched-In?

Get Screeched-In at Gatherall’s! Book at our reception desk before your tour and we will take care of the rest. Additional charges apply. Must be 19+.