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Newfoundland Puffin & Whale Boat Tour

Gatherall’s – The Ultimate Wildlife Adventure! 

Experience puffins, whales, icebergs + incredible coastal scenery.
Entertaining. Educational.
Engaging & Fun.


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Newfoundland Puffin & Whale Boat Tour

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Gatherall’s daily tour reflects wildlife & attraction seasonality. 

Tours will incorporate whales & other attractions when encountered regardless of tour name and or season. 

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 Newfoundland Puffin & Whale Boat Tour

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Seasonal Guidance / Best Times

Puffins, Whales, & Icebergs

We’d love to experience puffins, whales, and icebergs on every tour but please remember that nature keeps its own schedule.

Our guidance is based on almost 40 years of tours plus generations as seafarers. The time of day generally doesn’t affect sightings, but time of the season sure does!

Peak Season

May to September


Marvel at playful puffins nesting on the cliffs and diving into deep waters. 
Puffins arrive early May and can be viewed in large numbers through till mid September with a few staying till the 3rd week of September. Timing for the other seabirds varies by species.

Peak Season

Mid-June to Mid-August


Be captivated by majestic humpback whales as they explore the ocean’s surface. Whale encounters typically peak mid-June through to mid-August (may vary slightly year to year). Whales may arrive mid May and stay as late as September but please remember that sightings outside of the peak season are a bonus! Whales are not guaranteed.

Peak Season

May to June


Early season, incredible icebergs often arrive just in time to enchant & astound our guests. Iceberg season around the St. John’s area typically runs May through to mid / late June. Although we are at the end of Iceberg Alley and see fewer bergs than northern Newfoundland, the bergs here are often very dramatic as they near the end of their journey.

Why Gatherall’s tour boat is the best in Newfoundland …

Gatherall’s tour boat is designed to provide the best experience. Upper deck allows you to spot whales even when  further away (think penthouse view versus ground floor view). Abundant deck and rail space offers unobstructed views of the action. If you’re lucky, the whales may choose to visit for a closer look! Elevated viewing enables you to see further into the water & beyond. Raised decks at eye level with the puffin nests for best views.

Reduced carbon footprint! The cat is ultra efficient. We consume less fuel per guest per mile traveled than other vessels.

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Spacious & Comfortable

Gatherall’s cat is the largest tour boat in Newfoundland.  The cat offers the most space and the smoothest ride.  Multiple viewing decks provide rail space for everyone.  Room for all guests inside the cabin in the event of rain. Washrooms and canteen service on board.


Certification & Training

Vessel & crew are Transport Canada Certified and inspected annually. All required life safety & fire safety equipment is in place and our crew have been expertly trained in Marine Emergencies Duties, Domestic Vessel Safety, Marine First Aid plus more.


Range & Speed

The unique design of the cat allows it to travel further than other vessels. Featuring dual engines and slim hulls means that the cat can travel more quickly than other tour boats. It can also travel further to find whales & icebergs and spend more time.

Expert Guided Tours – Gatherall’s Crew

Professional, knowledgeable and friendly guides detail the lives of the bird & whales plus the colourful Newfoundland character.

Commentary interspersed with a colourful mix of local humour, stories & song captures the essence of Newfoundland. Gatherall’s crew blends youthful exuberance balanced with decades of seagoing experience for the best experience.

Multiple guides equipped with wireless microphones to ensure available to answer questions, offer assistance and chat with you one on one. 

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Responsible Whale Watching 

Please remember that respect for wildlife comes first.

All whale watching boats – big and small – are governed by the the same regulations regarding approach distances and practices.

Gatherall’s patient and cautious approach is often rewarded. Whales may be plentiful and curious, while other times they are busy feeding, sleeping or travelling doing long, deep dives – this is a matter of chance. To improve our success, our tour boat can travel further in less time and its high decks enable our crew (and you) to spot the whales from greater distances so as to not miss any of the action.

Our captains are familiar with their behaviour will try to provide you with the best possible experience without disturbance.

Our Captains communicate with the other boats to co-ordinate visits to ensure as few boats are around them at any given time. Sometimes the encounter is a short, fleeting glimpse as a whale passes through our area. Other times it may be a profound and intimate interaction as a whale(s) comes alongside to check us out. 

Interactions are entirely up to the whales.  We’re just there to observe in a respectful manner.

Newfoundland Puffin &  Whale Boat Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether its your first adventure or you’re a returning friend, we know you have questions and we’re only too happy to answer them. A few of the most common questions and answers are provided below – click any one to load more FAQ’s or visit our FAQ page.  Of course you’re welcome to reach out to us if you have a specific question that’s not listed.

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